FDA warns vaping companies to stop making packages that appeal to kids


The FDA issued a stern warning to companies that make vaping liquid after reports of children drinking the toxic fluids. Subscribe to the CBS News Channel …


  1. Bruh Nation says


  2. Dylan Granado says


  3. TalklessClaude says

    look i vape a lot, i can sympathize with it a bit, wanting to stop making the vape juices look so much like edible stuff, but parents, keep it away from kids.

  4. Reese Tiffany says

    So your saying adults don’t like those flavors ?

  5. Ferdinand l. Martinez says

    "Appeal to kids" ?!?! Lmao. As long as y'all don't ban Space Jam we're all good.

  6. Rain says

    How about you do your damn job as a parent? Why would your kid have a ecig? Do your damn job.

  7. Elizabeth Hereford says

    This IS nonsense! I love my RediWhip!
    Why does everyone have to pay for one's who don't watch their kids!?

  8. Lord Dice X says


  9. Elaine Hinton says

    Omg. F the FDA.

  10. Gas Mask says

    bout time

  11. RIXRADvidz says

    those kids well being is the responsibility of the PARENTS not product manufacturers. besides, have you seen the age range of those that 'vape', tweens in their twenties, seriously, mentally 11, chronologically 21. the vape juice people know exactly to whom they are marketing. so Kauaii!!!

  12. ghidfe says

    Stfu FDA.. You are one of the least trust worthy corporations out there. You flip flop on assessments more than Randy's burgers, and your outrageously inconcistent with your range of accepted products. Besides the matter of the useless FDA opinion. You have to be 18 to buy vape liquids. If this is really a problem maybe we need to reconsider the age of adulthood. Today it seems the youth can't get anything right. First soap pods now this….

  13. H Pn says


  14. A la Verga says

    The stands in the malls target children, kids walk by looking at these eciggs and vaps as if it was candy.

  15. Shawn Hawkins says

    Soft drinks, fast food and competitive sports are more hazardous and dangerous than eliquid will ever be. But you can take your brain traumatized 8 year old from their football game to McDonald's and feed them poison and were all good with it.

  16. James Oxford says

    …wouldn't want to cut into big tobacco's market share.

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