From Smoking to Vaping


We’ll explore the history of nicotine use and what dangers it’s associated with today.


  1. william Johanns says

    The say all the kids vape.
    It's a epidemic!
    20% the teens vape.
    What the don't say.
    How many vape daily and how many trying one at some party because the curious.
    How many are former smokers?
    How many would otherwise smoke if the didn't vape.
    Verry misleading.
    The kids o the kids.
    Of all the bad things the can do ,
    Smoking,drinking,drugs and unsafe sex, vaping is the least bad thing the can do.
    The more you tell them not to vape the more the want to try it.
    Same history with smoking.
    That some more teens trying a vape is only in America and not in the rest of the world because all those anti vape organisations showing to the kidsvape vape vape.

  2. william Johanns says

    What a ugly misleading video transforming health.
    People if you want the facts from real experts and the truth look at my link below.
    Vaping is a 97% safer live saving alternative for the deadly cigarettes.
    The are lying to you in this video but at the same time 480.000 Americans die from smoking every year.
    Every smoker that can't quit should switch to vaping.
    A lot of lives would be saved.
    If you are a smoker don't listen to these people.
    Here the facts👇

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