Health officials link sixth death to vaping


Health officials in Kansas confirmed another death linked to vaping. That’s the sixth death nationwide. Janet Shamlian has the latest. Subscribe to the “CBS …


  1. Atlanta Sauvage says

    THC oil deaths.

  2. thatfoo says

    Fucken carts

  3. Summer W says

    Change the damn headline false!! should say black market thc in vape caused deaths !!🤬

  4. Matthew Bosley says

    How many women have gotten pregnant after having used a vape? Probably a more statistically relevant number than 6. So… is pregnancy linked to vaping… you uncritical morons.

  5. Jesse JTT says

    Big tobacco companies will start making money again and our tax dollars will start going back to our government.

    You really think they want people enjoying something?
    I'm a 42 year old male and yes I enjoy vaping.

  6. Jesse JTT says

    First off let's all fire up a vape and take a big drag.

    Second, how many deaths have there been from smoking cigarettes during this year?

    About how many people got mouth cancer from chewing tobacco?
    I quit chewing tobacco and started vaping.
    I quit 18 years of smoking cigarettes by chewing tobacco…
    Since I've been vaping my mouth is healing my gums are healing.

  7. NY UK says


  8. John Nichol says

    How disappointing that CBS is going along with the false narrative
    Big tobacco is the only ones that benefit from this crap story

  9. John long says

    Do these people not realize that there is a lot of street made vape pens that are THC. Do these people realize that most are not made by clean places. Most of the pg and vg oil is made in china!! and now all of a sudden they want to go after all the vape companies in the usa that are clean..

  10. Daniel Llanos says

    Vaping improved my health i'm not afraid to continue vaping and don't feel disturbed, alert or doubtful about it, sorry. All about the $.

  11. Sun Yellow says

    Scary that they have been allowed to sell this crap to kids for so long without anybody speaking up. What is this? A repeat of the 1960's?! They used to market cigarettes the same way, as if it was harmless. It's all fun and games until people start dying from lung cancer or lung related diseases.

  12. Michael says

    "if you aint payin you aint sellin" from yours truly govt mafia

  13. David Kanagy says

    "During the work-up and the history, all the patients that we saw had used or consumed THC through their vaped, vaping devices through the e-cigarette." Dr. Daniel Fox / "The majority reported using a THC-based product." Dr. Jennifer Layden / Content source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  14. CSavage says

    Counterfeit/Bootleg vape cartridges of THC. It's a BIG business especially in illegal states. A lot of small Arab stores have them behind the counter here in NC. Occasionally they'll raid one but I think it's an accepted thing here for some reason. No problem for teenagers to get either.

  15. John Phillip II says

    thc black market vapes! not regulated vape products. Why are they banning flavors!!!

  16. LuckyLag 360 says

    It’s not vaping fake news media! It’s THC Marijuana!

  17. Consumer Alerts Okc says

    Keep on vaping It weeds out the weak minded …

  18. sub ohm says

    The death toll from vaping has claimed its 6th victim Vaping and its a crisis. It doesn't mention that 1300 people die everyday in America from Tobacco products so I wonder why that is not classed as a crisis?

  19. Cero X says

    This is all a distraction to make us forget about gun reform. I believe the government is more willing to legalize marijuana than create stricter gun laws. Federal funding is being increased to test the medicinal benefits of Cannabis & DEA wants to remove it from being a scheduled 1 narcotic. All during the time everyone wants gun reform.

  20. marthajf73 says

    Nobody has forced anyone to use these vaping things. It's their own dumb decisions. Same with smoking. Just plain stupid. Yet taxpayer money is used to pay for medical bills for lung cancer, COPD, and other health problems caused by these bad choices. No different from chemical dependency. Pay up people. Got to cover medical expenses for these idiots.

  21. Oblivion Light says

    I dont get it. Ive been vaping since 2007 when the NJoy debuted and basically that was around the time vaping began. EGO pens soon came out then mods. Vaping was the best thing that happeded. I have a JUUL now and I and 38 by the way and had it for 3 months. It was a rough start but after a week of it, I became adapted to it. So whats the deal? Something isnt right about all this. Not to mention all the anti JUUL commercials which I find it funny the yare attacking JUUL in everyone. There are other makers too. Majority of the victims are underage too. They should start by attacking the stores that sold the product to underage consumers instead of attacking the product. They are not marketing to kids so they need to stop and get real with that aspect. Bottom line, something stinks with all these deaths. These illnesses and deaths haven't been happening until short of 2 years ago after being out there for 12 years. Something isn't right about all this.

  22. SHō ˌôf says

    i highly doubt its from e cigs. i believe that the cause for these deaths is from fake thc carts. the reporter said that the victims were under 21, the heavy hitters carts are sold in dispensaries for $70+ tax and handling, that can total up from $80-100 but when you go to craigslist you see that same cart selling for $30-40 they dont know that its cheap cuz its fake

  23. Thulsa Doom says

    Vaping companies need to learn from the NRA. Buy you some Congressmen. When people die because of your products, get a politician to come to your defense. The American way…means pay to play.

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