Inside The Heated Battle Over Juul: Creating Teen Addicts Or Saving Lives? | Think | NBC News


Juul has been labeled a teen addiction epidemic by the FDA and the scourge of high schools by concerned parents and the media alike. But, should we think …


  1. Nova Ari says

    If Ciggarete is no 1 enemy, so why ciggarete is still sold..if no ciggarete sold there will be no youngsters smoke or juuling..its no make sense blame the alternative for what ciggarete company did n will always do to get youngsters as smoker to sustain n maintain market share or even to expand..

  2. TheTechCguy says

    It's creating addicts, I say. After all, it still has nicotine in it which is also found in traditional cigarettes and cigars! No to smoking, no to vaping, no to alcohol, and no to illegal drugs!

  3. FVNO says

    Who thinks that there some authorities that make JUUL looks bad to make the tobacco company goes up and vaping goes down?
    Well i think about that.

  4. shamalow says

    They should also mention the decreasing teen smoker and that a lot of teen that try vaping dont stick with it. A lot of the one that keep vaping were actully smokers before

  5. MandM VEVO says

    Dobby sound like 3:28

  6. Mitchael Johnson says


  7. Zur DoWhatever says

    If teens wanna hurt demself then let them natural section is coming for them soon or later

  8. clear bottle says

    oh wow, this convinced me to stop vaping and do cocaine and meth instead! i never knew this was such a gateway drug…

  9. Stephen Smeltzer says

    Vaping saved my life and lungs. I've been vaping since b4 juul using old subtanks and eleaf I stick 20w. I have not had any new health issues yet so I'm going to say it is safer then cigs 💯

  10. J Ger says

    The thing is that if I smoke marijuana to relax I’ll get fired. If I smoke cigs I’ll likely shorten my lifespan. If I drink I’ll get fat. I just want something to relax man.

  11. robert cline says

    Tobacco Bonds. Google it and you'll understand why there's a war on vaping in the US and pretty much nowhere else.

  12. Sherry AB says

    Don’t we have an opioid epidemic to worry about??? Honestly, if all I found on my kid was a JUUL, I would breathe a sigh of relief. Addicted to nicotine and not heroin, crystal meth and all the other crap out there. Tobacco companies are big business. This is all this is about.

  13. Raskolnikov says

    interesting that in the UK, where healthcare is socialised, the government and healthcare system embraces e-cigarrette technology – but america, where profit is directly made from the sick, the media is constantly running scare stories about e-cigs. hmmm really makes you think.

  14. Syntaac says

    shut up and keep cloudin

  15. Andrew Ign says

    Thank you, Father, for explaining 🤣

  16. flashdr1ve says

    90's kids smoked cigarettes all the time behind school, i was with them

    funny how that doesnt get attention but this does

  17. dr pop80 says

    Creating teen addicts??? Before e cigarettes teens didn't become addicive of normal cigarettes which is much worse?!? What a hypocrisie!!!

  18. John Jeffy says

    Here is the truth people. Vapor products contain 4 ingredients that are water soluble. Propylene glycol vegetable glycerin, Nicotine and flavor. Propylene glycol is a germacide and kills airborn bacteria and is the main compound in asthma inhalers. May I add asthma inhalers use aresol vaporization to deliver the medication. Combustible Tobacco products have 503 additives, when ignited creates 5,636 carcinogenic compounds. cancer is cuased by these carcegenic compounds. Vapor product do not reach the temperature of combustion hence The name VAPOR. The science speaks louder. The fact remain Vapor products are 95%less harmfull then combustible Tobacco products. vapor products were design out of necessity by a smoker to help quit nicotine dependency. I'm a walking example of it working .There is a night and day diffrences between smoking vs vaping. currently I'm nicotine free and healthy thanks to nicotine

  19. Bigwingrider1800 says

    You can't keep the kids off of YouTube don't let them run a channel. You censor everything else on YouTube.

  20. ToastNOW says

    but a 14 year old can buy a coffee lol

  21. Sw says

    Just stopped using my juul, had a few days off and got withdrawal. Moved back to my old vape mod with more vape and less nic. Juul is a Great product if you want to stop smoking.

  22. Seven Is Tru7h says

    Fake news

  23. Meech says

    Its Not an epidemic. 1st off correlate the Rise of Teens Vaping and The Decline of Teens Smoking. They are simply choosing to vape instead of smoke. but all together still using Nicotine products at only a fraction of a difference than in past years.. They seem to leave out the fact that teen smoking has decline dramatically!!!

  24. Talia says

    People are gonna do what they do. Stop punishing the company. Y’all just don’t want people to have their cake and eat it too

  25. Spyrit2011 says

    Juul added Benzoic acid to reduce the natural harshness of nicotine, so they could add twice the strength of nicotine, then freebase nicotine (natural level). Yes Juul is producing a product to get you addicted. 24 mg of nicotine is enough, as an ex 3 pack a day smoker, 24 mg was perfect. This is why we need proper regulations, rather than fearmongering.

  26. cam roque says

    Let’s ban e cigs, something that is safer than smoking, but let’s keep cigs, something with thousands of chemicals and that kills people but yk, that’s alright

  27. Hussam says

    Children were smoking too, we didn’t heard any tobacco companies stop producing cigarettes because of that, stop smoking stop protecting tobacco companies let them bankrupt. They are not interested in saving children lives, they just want public mouths sucks and blow their tobacco cigarettes, even children are not there concern.

  28. Even Orange says

    Where are these kids getting the money for Juul pods? They are super expensive (especially in California). If its from their parents, then you know where the finger should be pointed… Or, do I have it all wrong? Do the kids today not have parents? It seems that the youth vaping epidemic is really a lack of parenting epidemic.

  29. jj says

    I prefer regular cigarette it’s good for you and even says it on the side of the box

  30. _ goodwin10k says

    What about the opiate pain pill epidemic that is actually killing hundreds of thousands a year? I guess the only way to get federal and state governments to care about an issue is that it must impact them financially.

  31. Eddie Brahhh says

    The government will save us.

  32. Bigdaddyd82 Vapes says

    "VAPING" is a "VERB" it's all about WHAT you are vaping. And secondly. These products should not be sold in Convenience stores. Onlybin 21+ stores. Open vaping products like the ones most adult vapers use.. are NOT what kids want. Open systems use much less nicotine. 3,6,12 mg/ml. As compared to JUUL and their 60mg/ml nicotine concentration! Teens/kids want the stupid BUZZ!! It just perturbs me how "vaping" is soooo bad.. yet NO PROBLEM ONE CRYS OUT ABOUT FLAVORED VODKA OR FLAVORED BLUNT WRAPPS!!! #WeVapeWeVote #NotaBot

  33. codysb05 says

    I personally have got two guys who were smokers for more than 30 years to quit smoking by giving them a JUUL. They most certainly would have died from smoking. Parents: If your kids are using E cigarettes…make them stop. Its not everyone's else's responsibility to parent your children. Adults like flavors and cool things too.

  34. Loud_Terpenes_ Productions says

    These guys are idiots!!! Just raise your kids right and discipline them. I've got 3 and none of them, or their friends are vaping/smoking and I'm not the parent that thinks their kids aren't doing something and they really are. I actually have a great relationship with my children and we talk about everything. If they want to try it, theyll do it later in life when they're grown but they know I don't want them to and they dont. If u educate your kids early and not just tell them to not do it, it works. ALOT of people do not know how to raise their children, and their kids are valing. I'm sorry to hurt anyones feelings because im sure someone is reading this that thinks they're doing a fine job and they're kids still vape……No, something is wrong…..figure it out and fix it. Dont punish us because u cant keep your kids in line. VAPE ON!!!……..ADULTS!!!

  35. Nurzrachit says

    Jesus Christ are people so dense that the fact you do not light it on fire like a cigarette that it poses less threat than a cigarette. Do lay people not understand how damaging cigarettes are truly to the human body? You would be hard pressed to make anything that could be that dangerous. This is a dipshits debate. It is the kids fault, they are breaking the law. If the parents know and they do not impose consequences than they are partially responsible as well, but way way less than the kid. WTF is wrong with people, this has to be explained and debated?

  36. Brian Harvey says

    Substituting one source of nicotine for another is not saving lives, it's stuffing big business bank accounts

  37. Odd Jørgensen says

    Juul needs to go away, they have done nothing but harm the vaping community. Marketing towards youth? Yeah, of course they did. And Altria, a big tobacco company owns major stock in Juul.

  38. Matt Caldwell says

    Shout juul down so big tobacco can take over

  39. GamersAnonymous4me says

    Watch a good debunking (with factual evidence) of the myths the media promotes about vaping flavored nicotine ejuice :
    The only people who benefit from eliminating flavored nicotine ecigs are : 1) Tobacco companies (who are losing significant #s of customers), 2) the Government (where States are losing million$ on their MSA tobacco % payments as their sales have gone down), 3) BIg Pharma who are losing out on nic gum, patches, chantrex etc NRT sales as they are ineffective at helping people quit smoking in comparison to ecig use, and 4) all the people in tobacco control media companies that are paid million$ to do PSA's and ads about tobacco harms.
    Juuls 50mg sticks appeal more to teens because of the use is hard to detect (no one is blowing clouds) and because the high nic gives a quick head rush. In England they limit the nicotine level in ecigs to 20mg which I support. Even so the claim that nicotine is addictive is wrong. It is only addictive if delivered in a cigarette but not in a patch or gum or by flavored nicotine ejuice. As with everthing its always quantity and frequency that creates a harm, a little water wont hurt you, but get waterboarded and you will think differently about how safe water is. It would be very easy to do a study on addiction to nicotine (I have seen a clinical study that claimed nicotine was not addictive) by having non-smokers vape 20mg nicotine ejuice, use patches, gum, nic nasal sprays, and the placebo group vaping just VG and PG and flavors to see how much physical withdrawal symptoms they reported. If its not physical then its mental? Can one really claim that they cant stop a habit that doesn't make their body crave the substance because of a weak willpower?

  40. JT6 MANIA says

    If vaping is safer than cigarettes then its easy ban cigarettes and this way there's no gateway from vaping to cigarettes because there will be none but the problem is not that the real problem is C$$$$$$s

  41. Levi Daniels says

    Omg i hate strawberry flavor. A cigarette must taste way better…. said no one, ever

  42. Edwin Prichard says

    And they're both owned by tobacco

  43. Edwin Prichard says

    The only ones that are being promoted is juul an Blu e-cigarettes

  44. Lucas Roberson says

    i hate how every news group decides to look at vaping in a harmful way, it saved many of my family members from various amounts of cancer. Instead of banning it we should regulate it more.

  45. Addison Savannah says

    Anyone ever consider what's in a cigarette, And I'm not talking about the tobacco or nicotine….. Think about it you have people working in tobacco fields every day from morning till late evening, Anyone ever see any bathrooms provided?

  46. RAIN HAVOK says

    Lies lies lies!

  47. andy1181985 says

    Smoking and vaping is for losers

  48. Danny Johnson says

    The JUUL is cool so use it in school

  49. stephan hirons says

    What a surprise a lying bullshitting journalist

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