LATEST NEWS LIVE Dr Tom Scanlon: Is vaping worse than smoking?


Dr Tom Scanlon – the Head of Public Health at Brighton & Hove City Council on Latest TVs Live News Show.


  1. Go Beep says

    Some good pro vaping talk but:

    "What people don't like is that its come from the tobacco industry" "They have found the solution" WRONG sure they do make some but 99% of vaping products have nothing which relates to the tobacco industry. They are a technology product, most of which are made in China by companies that only make vaping devices and have no link to big tobacco.

    How long have they been around?
    Since 2003, when Hon Lik, a pharmacist in China, developed a version to help him stop smoking. E-cigarettes starting appearing in the United States and Europe around 2006 to 2007, but most people had no idea they were around.

    There is a debate on whether vape devices should be sold by tobacco companies. Some would take the view that its good, they are cleaning up their act and others would want them to keep out of it because of all the harm they have done.

    "We don't really know" We don't really know about the long term effects of using most modern medications but we are all happy to use them when we are ill. PG and VG the main constituents of e-liquid have been studied for decades and so has nicotine. We know enough through Science and fact based medical research to know they are at least 95% safer than smoking (conservative number most vaping is a lot safer than even that). If we know they are that much safer then we know exactly the long term health benefit and effect. By taking any kind of precautionary approach when the evidence is clear will only restrict vaping and e-cigs limiting the effectiveness to reduce smoking related harm globally.

  2. Brittany Rozenberg says

    Vaping has been proven to be 97% safer to smoking

  3. Vapin Jack says

    And if your like me no nicotine either

  4. To Kai says

    Take a hit noob

  5. NAthan Hendershot says

    Big pharma dr we have here and vaping isn't the same as smoking do your research and my personal experience one of many since I switch to vaping I breath bed I feel more energetic and can tasted again nicotine by itself is just like caffeine and not a carcinogen this putz don't know what he's talking bout.

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