Switching from smoking to vaping, BBC HealthCheck UK Live (02/04/20)


Some useful information about vaping and COVID-19 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/12Vz6jI66WUGN7vMHAoyz5Ni1AGOAcaSX/view.


  1. 30 to 40 cigarettes a night? That’s insane, Vaping is definitely a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco.

  2. Chee Devulan says

    I used to smoke 100 ciggs a day! Then a paramedic introduced me to vape.
    For awhile I smoked less and vaped.
    Then I started vaping full time, around when menthol ciggs got banned.
    Now I'm quite comfy with not smoking ciggs at all. Miss it at rare times. But vaping works.
    Harmful?! I'm not sure. But heavy proof that it is then I'd think of vaping again.

  3. Neal Drummond says

    Is the 60 a day guy still alive?

  4. Olly Woods says

    Wow, a very obvious and shrouded baseline explanation. I fucking hate the world we live in.

  5. Lambert Butler says

    when you grow up with family that all smoke and heavy smokers it's just normal to become heavy smoker too. I smoke 40 a day and enoy it/

  6. dannyplaysguitar says

    How the hell does a 31 year old smoke 60 cigs a day!? You've got issues if you smoke that much. I couldn't smoke that much even if a tried.

  7. GG says

    Notice how the US and the UK are completely different worlds when it comes to vaping

  8. Charles Sommers says

    60 cigs per day!

  9. Dmitry Sokolov says

    I've tried to give up smoking for years.

    Every time my attempts ended up with fiasco.

    But these guys made things happen: https://www.liqua.com/

    Check it out if you want to quit.

  10. Jason Bourne says

    smoked cigs 5-10 a day from the age of 16 to 27 so over 10 years, been vaping for 3 months now and i feel great

  11. Steve Oh says

    40 to 60 cigarettes while working damn im like at 1 pack a day and thats bad

  12. Nanoo Nanoo says
  13. Adam says

    Great video.. very informative…..America take note of British science.. Stop the corruption..stop smoking and start vaping it saves lives…

  14. Albz Shotta says

    This guy is smoking 40 cigs and is worried about getting cancer through vaping🤣🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. d j 93 says

    This guy getting paid to smoke 60 ciggies a shift , I'd sack him 😂 cant be that much of a busy place if he has that much time to smoke

  16. Drake’s Airguns says

    Someone please show this to the FDA or the CDC before they continue banning vapes

  17. PpaStrmpf says

    Should share to Trump. He chose to kill vaping in U.S. if he succeeds he'll spread his dirty tobacco lobby on EU and UK. I think UK is the only land in the World that does take serious vaping proper and not like a tobacco would like to. I'm sick of lying to people. I have nothing against smokers and smoking but let us vapers vape what we want.

  18. Flash says

    so in this vid it doesnt say what strength nic he was on to tackle the craving? and he has 2 different vapes and should stick to the arch tecc with higher nic until he can work down in strength

  19. THE REAL FLABEO says

    Do you know why big Pharma and tobacco companies hate vaping because vaping doesn't give you cancer vaping is the safest way of nicotine intake to date I started vaping felt better my wife started vaping we don't smell like chimneys my goal is to get everyone in my family who smokes vaping

  20. Clarence Bodicker says

    With all the money in the world at their disposal (well, almost) it's worth mentioning that the big tobacco companies have yet to find anything they can slap on a poster and say "Vaping is dangerous because of x, y, or z" They have access to the best laboratories in the world and the best science has to offer – and still nothing. If they found even the tiniest thing in vapes that could harm someone then it would be all over the place on billboards, on the news, everywhere… but still, nothing.

    Ah! But vaping is new and we don't know the long-term effects! Well, it's actually been around since the mid 2000s and in popular use for well over a decade now.

    But still… nothing. There is no proof that they do any damage at all – or what damage they may possibly do is so slight, so small, that it's just not worth mentioning.

    So what do we know for sure about cigarettes? Over 60% of smokers will die from a smoking related illness. They're addictive as hell and they kill.

    The only question we should be asking ourselves right now is why do governments still allow the sale of what is essentially "death on a stick" when we now have a perfectly safe alternative?

    The only reason governments across the globe still authorise the sale of cigarettes is because of money. Lots of money.

    Still not sure about vapes? Bear in mind that the success rate of people qutting tobacco with vapes is around 7 in 10. Compare that to nicotine gum and patches which is about 1 or 2 in 10.

    I smoked for over 25 years and couldn't go 24 hours without a cigarette or a roll up. I'm now tobacco free for almost 5 years and the very thought of a cigarette makes me nauseous and sick.

    I just don't understand why cigarettes are still legal?


    i quit cigs three years ago and now vape. the difference is night and day, my lungs feel so much better i can run, hold my breath for ages and when i catch a cold it doesn't go straight to my lungs like before. i would have a few days of sniffles then a persistent cough for up to a month, now it's all gone within days and no lasting cough or wheeziness.My wife says i snore a lot less and the added bonus of not smelling like a dirty ashtray and no smelly ash breath when you want to kiss someone. It's a sad indictment of newspapers mainly that so many of my smokers who won't swap saying they read a story in the paper that scared them off, but i never knew it was 6 in 10 smokers. Some proper investigations need to happen to see why some newspapers and websites are so anti-vaping when any ex-smoker who now vapes will tell you a very different story.
    Getting the right kit is vitally important too. For some a small cigarette looking vaporizer may be sufficient, but for me, a good sub ohm tank like the falcon on a hardy battery base like the aegis legend 200w is all i need to get a great lug that feels satisfying. Also, get the right flavour for you, I've tried hundreds of flavours some are truly disgusting whereas my friend loves them. So you need to try a good few til you realize whats a nice flavour you can vape all day, it's so subjective so ignore anyone who tells you a certain flavour is yuck. I'm a desert flavour junkie my all day vape flavour of choice is strawberry cornetto which always makes my smoker mates laugh, including me three years ago.
    Once you get started i also recommend mixing your own liquid its so easy and makes it so cheap too. i can mix up a 100ml bottle of liquid in 2 minutes for less than a 10ml bottle off the shelf. i use eliquid recipes website and it tells me exactly what needs to go into the bottle which is basically three ingredients Vegtable glycerin, pharmaceutical grade ( bought by the litre off amazon ) nicotine liquid ( buy from a trusted online supplier ) and flavouring ( bought off a flavour specialist online ) its that easy. i mix mine at 4mg now so its very low nic but you may need to start higher if you are trying to quit fags, just remember higher nic levels can be harsh on your throat and make you cough. So to any smoker, try it it may just save your life.

  22. thegwhitehouse says

    Smoking over 40 years, stopped in two months thanks to vaping, and I didn't want to quit, it really works.

  23. zenful says

    After 60 cigs a day ! Vaping is defenetly harmless for you 😂

  24. stefan reuter says

    Vaping saves lives. It's really like that!!!

  25. Stanley Berg says

    no matter what happens no matter what politician tells u not to always keep on vaping * Grimm green

  26. Joshua Murtz says

    I would like to point out that the rig he had when he started this was different than the one shown towards the end . Most people I talk to don't get the right setup for them their first time shopping around . I went through 3 mods , and 4 thanks before I found the right one for me .

  27. Joshua Murtz says

    Don't touch the liquid if there are more than 5 or 6 ingredients, and make sure you get the juices from reputable sources.

  28. SwipingA Giving says

    Great video bro

  29. dok nox says

    This is literally a no brainer. Any idiot can see the truth on this.

  30. Kevin yum says

    Love that a media outlet sheds positive light on vaping. Wish American media would do the same vs scare mongering and destroying small businesses.

  31. Huffaluffagus says

    Vaping GOOD!
    USA government BAD!

  32. chris turtle says

    My father had 2 heart attacks and almost a 3rd. He had 3 almost blockages of 93%,73%, and 80%. He was basically on death's door when he went in for chest pain. The doctor convinced him to quit and I've been vaping for years so I got him on it. He's now 3 months in with no cigs. He's never felt better. This product helps adults quit! It helped me and my dad it can help others.

  33. Sohail Kiani says

    Anyone here knows of any study conducted on effects of vaping and coronavirus ? is Vaping also 14 time risky when contracted the virus?

  34. Shane Normile says

    Thanks for sharing!

  35. Greg Ball says

    My friends are getting sick of me sharing vaping videos but this one definitely gets a share.

  36. Gravel Throat says


  37. william Johanns says

    Think he is reducing nicotine to fast.

  38. Hans Meiser says

    Reducing Nicotine to 0 mg didn't work for me. I tried this once and started smoking again (don't worry, only 4 or 5 cigarettes for 3 days) because at the time I forgot there's no Nicotine in my Liquid. But after mixing a new Liquid with 2 mg/ml Nicotine I immediately stopped smoking. It was a somehow funny experience.

  39. Alan Beard says

    Thanks David 🙂

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