The Real Dangers Of Vaping Exposed In Shocking New Study


When vaping came around it was meant to simply be a way of helping yourself quit cigarettes. There are so many extra toxic chemicals in cigarettes that smokers …


  1. David Gardiner says

    Pretty much wall to wall bovine excrement. Check out the Cochrane review, the PHE reports and the response of the various UK health groups, not to mention any number of heart and lung specialists across Europe before accepting the political and financial led propaganda.

  2. Gary Busey says

    I’m just gonna leave this here…

  3. Kyle Thornsbury says

    All these “vape” emergency’s these kids are buying knock off thc pen with vitamin E carts not nicotine vape…

  4. Kyle Thornsbury says

    Hasn’t anyone noticed that it’s about quit vaping or ban vape products, ejuice etc. but what about ban cigarettes.. hasn’t anyone just sat down and thought about it for a minute. Ever since I switched from cigarettes to vaping my breathing got better and I can actual taste the real flavors of food again that I hadn’t when I was smoking cigarettes. They wanna ban vaping to get people to smoke again it’s common sense I know nothing in your lungs isn’t good but vaping is safer than cigarettes.

  5. Chronic MasterVapor says

    No one has ever said vaping is 100% safe its just a SAFER alternative to the world's leading cause of death. Black market thc vaping products put that kid in hospital not nicotine vaping n you can check that with the CDC.

  6. Mary Philp says

    this study was done done in the USA right. in the UK its regulated, i can only speak for myself but since swapping cigarettes for vaping i can actually breathe. and can walk without getting out of breath.

  7. WEP BLASTER says

    HAHAHAHAHAHA this has been a paid video by the truth orange.

  8. Thanos Snap says

    Im so glad i dont smoke

  9. Kelsey Zinkel says

    Oh well I’m here for a good time not a long time

  10. Jasmine Johnson says

    No break down the dangers of alcohol. Trump stopped the report that was coming out on that.

  11. ;-‘; tuff scar says

    I’m starting to thinking inhaling any foreign substance is just plain abnormal

  12. jade yvonne says

    Human body , or animal body a body period! Should not be inhaling anything that excessive but #amercia makes bad habits normalized 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

  13. Pebbles says

    It's bad just like regular smoking. I really don't understand why people thought that vaping is safe like they said it's LESS harmful that still means it's harmful
    Not saying people should rather vape then smoke you shouldn't do both

  14. Joseph Miller says

    It is 95% safer than smoking tobacco do your research not this fake bad science study being done go watch Grimm green lots of information on vapeing

  15. Cathy Niemand says

    I'm so glad I stopped smoking

  16. Stirfry Vaper says

    You know, you need to read more than one group of studies (especially those published by countries who are financially dependent on tobacco sales). Check the studies done in the UK. And don't forget how much this government, which are controlled by lobbyists (tobacco) with politicians in their pockets whose income is greatly reducing due to vaping. Also, the teens who got sick from vaping were not vaping nicotine, but illegal substances found on the black market. (DO YOUR RESEARCH)

  17. Sky Grey says

    im 17 with a nicotine addiction. i dont care about myself enough to stop. but i started with vaping now i smoke cigarettes i wake up caughing constantly and can hardly breath most of the time… i mean everyone has a choice just be safe i guess

  18. Breanna Ash says

    lol life choices

  19. Michelle Schu-blacka says

    Damn … I was considering quitting vaping. This probably seals it's fate.

  20. 55sweetheart55 says

    Hi there InfoOverload,

    I am a psychology student, and we studied this in our course. I had looked at many recent studies, and it has been found that nicotine isn't a "mind over matter" dilemma, you can't replace smoking cessation with other things. Yes, some people are able to quit, but most nicotine users begin in childhood and are hooked because of the addiction caused by nicotine. Nicotine replaces serotonin in the brain, it's more addictive than cocaine even takes 7 seconds to get to the brain. There are treatments along with therapy that has been shown to have the most optimal effects.

  21. kiki246810 says

    This is not a surprising outcome. Vaping is not safer and is NOT approved by the FDA. IT contains more junks than tobacco.

  22. Melinda Davids says

    Duh! They just now realized this??! I knew they were gonna be bad as soon as they came out.

  23. Ashley Williams says

    The ad Right before this was for a VQ Vote Vape LOL

  24. sunchild - says

    i mean smoking cigs is worse???? smoking anything is obviously NOT healthy but vapes are better than cigs. 💯 even their study proved that. we’re all gonna die some day. caffeine and soda are TERRIBLE for you. yet here we all are.. still doing it lol. those damn kids who got them illegal weed carts for $100 bucks from some sucker on the street is the whole reason why this started. but hey, you can’t sue your little drug dealer can you? so let’s say it was juul 😅🤦🏼‍♀️

  25. sunchild - says

    ~hits juul while watching this

  26. Maggie Kennedy says

    Why on earth would you start vaping if you were not already addicted to cigarettes?

  27. Springfairy92 says

    I really just don't care. I don't vape or smoke but I'd like to start vaping occasionally when I feel stressed out. I've tried it and it's very nice.

  28. Holly J says

    I actually don’t agree with this one because of the fact that I actually breathe a lot better when I do Vape then when I don’t I quit vaping during the summer because it’s not allergy season for me and I don’t need to but I use it when it’s winter time when people are prone to getting sick so that I can actually keep away from that stuff the propyleneglycol and vegetable glycerin inside of the liquid somehow has been able to help me breath in the winter when I otherwise I would be sick with allergies and a runny nose also inhaling as deep as I do when I do vape right before singing is actually helping me sing because I’m using my diaphragm to breath and I’m actually able to stretch out my lungs more and get more air than I would have otherwise so I don’t believe anybody who says it’s bad unless they’re using it improperly and putting in liquids that are not supposed to go in there like the issue with black market THC cartridges or buying crappy brands or home made liquids not made by the major label brands of e liquid

  29. OK Peachie says

    Do weed pens apply here?

  30. Nonnonbutlove says

    Great analogies

  31. Here&Now says

    For everyone defending vaping, if you end up screwed…please don't go to the hospitals. Leave the health care professionals alone to treat people that aren't dumbasses.

  32. will Murphy says

    Theirs no way to fix dumb….let them keep trying to kill themselves and the prob will fix it self

  33. Casey Hayner says

    My brother-in-law had a piece of his lung removed last month because of vaping. He too switched to vaping Juuls to quit smoking cigarettes.

  34. Lexxie Bodine says

    I'll BET that vape kid was DUUUUUUUMPING vape smoke into his lungs, blowing smoke rings, doing tube stunts, and showing off like every other asshole online has done over the last few years. These ppl draw in like TEN TIMES the normal drag of a cigarette just to enhance the smoke's density because it looks cooler than thin smoke. I've seen it 1,000,001 times, as have half of you. He, of COURSE didn't deserve to have that artificial lung placed into his chest. It just seems weird. He already was so small/slim, likely without the best lung capacity to begin with. Ijs, ppl BEG for the shit, then blame the world when attacked by the side effects. Then wanna sue when actual TOBACCO OILS are clearly used, so HOW much safer could the shit be?

  35. Sofia B1234 says

    Found it much much harder to quit vaping then cigarettes!!

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