The truth about "Vaping Deaths" and health problems in the news + Trump e-cigarette flavor ban


Deaths, lung illnesses and a host of health problems have been attributed to “vaping” in the media. These articles are all over the news. So many of these …


  1. Kevin Gutierrez says

    Damn so loud.

  2. Ra Sungod says

    Chemtrail deaths blamed on vaping

  3. Steven Poynter says

    Quit trying to limit and banned products for adults little fucking kids are supposed to be using it anyway stop fucking parents fault beat their little asses

  4. Paul Puretz says

    Ban cigarettes while there at it

  5. Russell Jennings says

    It’s stupid and shameful our government and media is all about flavors and kids when ppl are dying from a product and they don’t talk about that at all. If they were worried about kids dying what does flavors have to do with ppl getting sick? They haven’t said anything about that. It’s just big tabaccos agenda. They think they flavors are making ppl sick? Morons.

  6. Russell Jennings says

    That dude is rashy looking

  7. vincent lo says

    Maybe i will quit vaping in the future but i won't go back for cigarettes for sure. Those politicians is a joke. Why not ban cigarettes instead of vape? Or you can ban them both if our health is what you concerned of

  8. dummytry inggl says

    'Vaping With Vic' considers, that companies(!) like ZampleBox, Namberjuice, Joost Vapor, Juul and so on have "forgotten" to band together and to arrange professional advocacy (esp. spend money for that).
    So it's an homemade problem.

  9. John Barber says

    The REAL truth about vaping is about 1 in 4 underage kids either trying vaping or vaping. But that's not why flavors are gone. Flavors are gone because you morons call that FACT hysteria. So your precious nicotine won't taste like children's breakfast cereal, you'll still be able to suck on 50mg tobacco flavored pods until May 2020 when it all goes away forever. Hope you predators saved your money, because our government took the appropriate steps to protect our kids from you. Good riddance!

  10. Tbzombie Brizzle says

    I’ve been vape toking since 2014 used to smoke a pack and a half now I don’t ! I smoke bud but will say that the thc pens made me sick I’m medical in FL the bud never made a issue the carts did !

  11. Dustin Miller says

    I want to make a difference in DC I live in Arkansas I want to be able to take action and bring a bunch of people with me to the capital please its time we act

  12. Mike C. says

    Everyone knows whats going on (BUT SO WHAT)VIA CUOMO

  13. Ren Caelum says

    They're even announcing this bullshit on the Spanish news.

  14. Julio S. Torrez says

    Damn I barely started vaping this summer I have like 4 months vaping and then all of a sudden all this vaping is bad for you on the news. So I been vaping the Jam Monster name brand do you guys think this one is bad too or am I good? What kind of liquid would you guy's recommend that is safe to consume?

  15. Glenn Douglas says

    Let's see now… Demonizing the product, not blaming the folks who misused it. Politicians politicizing the issue for their benefit, and jumping on the "ban it" bandwagon without any knowledge of the product. MSM passing on false info, and misrepresenting the product. Banning ALL flavors/products even though only ONE (Chinese-made THC pods) was misused. Disregarding the benefits of the product for tens of millions, and emphasizing the hazards to a handful of people only.

    Welcome to the World of gun owners in the USA. 🙂

    P.S. – I have a LOT of family/friends who absolutely depend upon vaping to quit cigarettes. It's vital that they continue to have access to their flavored vapes, or I may be missing some of them soon… 🙁

  16. BF FishingTV says

    Alcohol is flavored nicorette is flavored hookah tobacco is flavored aswell as our fruits and vegtables lets ban them all i enjoy vaping helps me in more ways then just one

  17. Esoteric Gold says

    The real story has to do with the cigarette companies losing money from small vaping companies taking their clients. The government made an agreement with cigarette companies to drop major cigarette lawsuits in order to receive money from the cigarette companies every year. Cloud theorem on YouTube has a great video which Explains It All. 🌝

  18. Susan Havens says

    Big tobacco is losing money. Vaping is bad but assault rifles are fine. Right. This is BS. Government control. They want total control over everything. #wedonotconsent

  19. JosephCecilHorne SmithJunior says


  20. BigPhallus4u says


  21. James Pulling says

    #save vaping

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