Utah Teen Says Her Vaping Put Her in a Coma, Worst Case Doctors Had Seen


A Utah teen is sharing her story, after she said vaping sent her to the ICU, in a medically-induced coma.


  1. paranoidandroid says


  2. Fernando says

    So, suddenly vapping starts to cause pneumonia all over the country? Come on! This was in fact the beginning of the covid19 spread!!! That's why US have the majority of cases, because is where it started.

  3. Geo Pipe69 says

    It’s only the beginning people.

  4. Julia Rowe says

    The poster behind her says it all..

  5. Butertost says

    There's no f**** way she weed carts look at her and her boyfriend total potheads I have nothing against them being potheads somebody could check her room she probably has THC carts all over the f**** place and they are fake it wasn't the vaping it was the f******THC cartridge full of fake hot dog

  6. Armen Makart says

    Why is this happening to people of same age bracket? No Really why? I have been vaping for almost a decade and never had any health decline, actually much more health improvement especially in upper respiratory infections such as sore-throat, colds, coughing even sinus attacks. I think the reason is pretty clear, THC cartridges or THC oil placed into open system tanks is NOT vaping. Honestly, twist these kids arm and push them a bit and I am sure you will reveal the truth.

  7. Hannah Jo Hansen says

    Cigarettes kill 1,300 people in a single day, in the US alone according to the CDC.
    Vaping is saving more lives than its harming.
    Please own up to your use of illegally manufactured THC cartridges so that people who vape to quit smoking dont have to take the fall for your illegal activities as vaping bans go into effect across the US.

  8. Sam Jones says

    These kids are stupid. They will probably start doings shots of bleach next.

  9. Karson C says

    Vape has been out for more than 10yrs & today it isnt just threatening to kill major corporate tobacco companies IT is killing THEM. Most Cigarette companies will be dead in next 8 yrs. So now suddenly out of nowhere 2 ppl mysteriously die out of the millions of ppl that vape. This is a desperate corporation fight over MONEY. FOH

  10. Lizzie Danger says

    I don't believe it for a second.

    Vaping is a dry gas. The only way it could've got in her lungs is if her vape was spitting and she inhaled moisture a lot. Seeing that she was using box mods a lot and numerous amount of name brands, it finally caught up to her and started festering. Vape liquid is dangerous before it turns into vapor. Its a common problem with box mod vapes with big coils. Lots of spitting, lots of moisture.

    I now only vape high nic, low smoke nic salt out of a pod with a mesh coil to avoid wet vapor.

    That's one possibility, the other one is someone laced the juice with something more sinister and big tobacco companies have paid her and her family off to report a falsified statement about e-liquids and vaping. That's much more plausible and likely.

    Nevertheless her situation was dangerous and i'm glad she came out alive and ok. Speedy recovery!

  11. RouninPanda says

    Vaping has been around and popular longer than 3 years. I guess in about 20 years time the medical community will finally get around to doing studies on the long term effects of vaping for 3 years. They're just waiting for all the misinformation and disinformation to pile up first. Also, if the doctors don't know the long term effects of vaping, then how can they be "sure" her problem was caused by vaping? It's one or the other.

  12. Pvt Peppers says

    So sad, my friend has been chain smoking cigarettes for over 15 years and never had to be medically induced. Except he will decades later in the future. Nothing is safe to smoke.

  13. GerardoMjr says

    She speaks in a hilarious way

  14. itsJonastho says

    Thank U 4 shedding a little more education on how exactly vaping is connected to people getting put into acoma. Hope more intense research is getting done….in the meantime….I needs to not!

  15. Stonewulf says

    She probably vaped on some vegetable oil and she is not telling….


    And that's why I vape 100% PG. I don't vape VG.

  17. ₆⁶₆ WICKED ₆⁶₆ says

    Bet she won't be doing that again


    Vaping is how you keep the idiots from reproducing.😤

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