Vaping At 400 Watts – Vaperz Cloud Hammer of God 400c


RDA & Coils I was using – Instagram – @vapingbogan …


  1. DUCHUY says

    Nhìn gấu chó quá nhỉ anh em Việt Nam!

  2. Alderat Yundermut says

    Vapear a 400W… Una puta locura.

  3. Toddlls says

    Great review di€khead 👍👍👍

  4. Jesse Varrell says

    .3 ohms at 9.4 volts isn't 400 watts it's only 294 watts

  5. Marc santos says

    This guy is fuckin hilarious

  6. A Frog says

    When`s the 500W version coming? xD

  7. Michael D'Hondt says

    And here I thought my geekvape legend was crazy looking with my aspire natulis tank on it. I could only imagine this one

  8. Stryctn9yne 13 says

    The o ring on the top is a NEW feature with the v4’s, and why they did this in 18650 after they came out with a 21700 (v4’s)…..makes no fucking sense

  9. Lynda Marie Vapes says

    I want one so bad. Hard to get one in the states, there’s only 1 or 2 places that’ll ship my state Massachusetts.

  10. jason carruthers says

    Don't DNA boards have a 10v cut-off

  11. Jason Ray says

    Awesome setup thanks for showing


  13. StupidShetHead says

    omg 4S..!!

  14. Chris Warby says

    400W Holy Fucking Fuck 😳

  15. The Neurochemist says

    ah well… I mean, to each their own, right?
    For me that thing with some 40mm or so RTA and saying "I'ma vape now" is like saying "I gonna smoke now" and then suck in a whole campfire…

    I rarely vape past the 80W mark, yet that thing is impressive. Probably will never ever touch it, though.

  16. Max Gannon says


  17. Max Gannon says

    i want but i cant even get juice anymore in my state :(( i wanna try what you vape down under.. wonder if ya'll ship here… in unlabled boxes <3?

  18. StevieCzykPN says

    Hey Bog’ the Centaurus has the boost option in the main menu too!!

  19. turbotony E-4 says

    Lol I got myself one but in all honesty I’ll probably never use it, more of a collector piece. I love the symbol of a turbo for the boost mode. I’m a DNA fanboy and that is on my custom themes on my 250c’s also. As always simply, killer review Sam. Much love and respect from the Jersey Shore 👊🏼

  20. Johnny Delgado says


  21. SoleMax23 says

    I was choking just watching you vape at 300-400 watts! 🥴

  22. Luca says

    Fit perfect with a wasp nano lol

  23. riezal wayne says

    haze indoor (/) 😁

  24. itsthefridge says

    Perfect for those who DIY ejuice, because you're gonna go through a liter a week.

  25. MrJk.Roblox says

    Jheeezus bogans mods be like aha

  26. Dick Head says

    Hey mate would u consider doing a vid of your personal setup choice, possibly at multiple price points to smoke 50mg nic salts for ex smokers? U seem to know ya shit, and maybe recommend a company or two and what type of coils to run

  27. YUM YUM Bubblegum says

    Beutiful looking mod and rda👍🏼

  28. Geo Thermal says

    I almost wish I had a use for this.

  29. G-Off Grimes says

    I think it's a juice that's right up your alley lol

  30. G-Off Grimes says

    Hey what's up? Just wanted to say I have a juice for you I don't know if you've tried it yet. If you haven't you need to check this stuff out it's really great. It's called Grumpy Old Bastard. It's 65 VG and 35 PG. It has a saying on the bottle. You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You keep laughing because The world is full of morons. I would give you the website but I don't think that's allowed. Anyway you should check this out great review thanks

  31. Russell Adams says

    And I thought the old Smok GX350 was overkill. LOL! Love the outtakes at the end. Always good for a laugh.

  32. Raydee Asfieya says

    I need this mod cause it got dual purpose, one for vaping and the other one as a tool for protection just in case someone is trying to robbed you…

  33. Rey Galendez says

    Hey Sam, I miss your videos. I'm going back to vaping. Thank you for the honest reviews as always.

  34. Bowskino with that golden glow says

    Beer with me…lol 🥝🍍🥠🍦💨💨💨💨💨

  35. Jason Marshall says

    put wasp nano on it

  36. 777kingofkings777 says

    That moment your neighbor thinks your house is on fire.

  37. Nefarion says

    Gotta love the 400 watt lean.
    I have to say this is the most American mod ever. Not sure if VC is out of the US but this mod was designed for Texans.
    BTW Sam there are not a lot of people on Youtube that review anything as well as you review vaping stuff. You must be a perfectionist because your reviews are absolutely perfect. Well done.

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