What you should know about the vaping epidemic


At least 13 vaping-related deaths have been reported in the United States, which is prompting consideration, and drawing extra attention to the fact that youth …


  1. Rodney Weber says

    Hmm. Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring as optional NICOTINE. The people that are getting sick are using illegal THC products. But that's ok because you know your drug dealer cares what's in your illegal drugs.

  2. Abram Carroll says

    Deseret News lies!

    There is no proof that nicotine vaping has harmed anybody.  Million and million of people vape around the world and nobody is getting sick.  There have been thousands of studies and the science is settled.  Is Deseret News funded by the tobacco companies that kill 480,000 in the US each year and 7 million people on earth each year?  Have you taken any of Truth's tobacco money?
    E-cigarette products first came in 2001-2002.
    Vaping THC has become wildly popular among teens and that is not a nicotine product, yet it is counted as tobacco use.  FDA and CDC work for the interests of Big Tobacco and put out intentionally false statistics.  The CDC is conducting a fraud as when there is an acute lung issue the doctor is to ask if they vape.  If they do, then a cause to their issue is given before a diagnosis and one only does that in cases of fraud.  CDC employees who set this fraud up were buying tobacco stocks.  The director of the CDC was forced out over this for-profit scam.
    One could make a Nike-related foot injory catigory and have doctors ask people with foot injuries if they owned any Nike shoes.  All people in the hospital with both a foot injury and Nike shoes would be counted.  Step on a nail while hiking in some Timberland boots?  Another case of Nike-related foot injury if you have a pair of Nike's in your closet.  The entire thing is a fraud.
    Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin is a danger to public health.  7 million deaths vs. zero deaths and she says 7 million deaths is the way to go.
    Nicotine vaping produces less harmful chemicals than frying an egg. They are mostly comparable to a medical nicotine inhaler. You are lying about them being a toxic concoction. There are thousands of studies proving their safety and nobody can find harm. kids who never smoked and were vaping for 3/12 years showed no signs of harm, yet you see harm after 3 1/2 years of kids eating fast food. Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavor, and nicotine are the ingredients. Sugar alcohols are used and propylene glycol is used for injection medications.
    The impact nicotine vaping is having is saving millions of lives. Those in public hath are genocidal goose stepping maniacs.
    State governments are the Tobacco industry, as they receve the bulk of revenue from the sale of tobacco products. State governments are banning smoking cession products that lower their cigarette profits. The MSA corrupted government and public health by making them part of Big Tobacco.
    Deseret News​ should be ashamed of itself.

  3. Chud Maverick says

    I just want it explained. Article after article, "Vaping related illness" or "Vaping related death". I don't want to cast doubt on valid research, but ya know…….start with that. Maybe a two bit sentence that sums it up or a link to actual studies that prove that vaping is the reason. Some people put things in their vaping devices that obviously aren't meant to be in there. Others over tune and mod their vape rigs to get "bigger smoke". I could see at the very least, some fringe radical usage that lead to serious side effects. But I want conclusive correlation to the average user before I write off vaping entirely.

  4. Anthony Baggaley says

    Congratulations Deseret News, you've just made your first scalps. real ones too!

    The truth is out there (and it always has been) but you never bothered to do a simple thing called 'research".

    "Experts recommend everyone stop vaping while they figure out what's causing these deaths"

    Now, do a web search for "Wisconsin THC Empire" and you'll find your answer. Please listen to the details where it mentions THC levels hundreds of times over the safe limit – enough to kill and enough to send people to hospital in large numbers. These are "illegal" THC cartridges sold on the black market. They have NOTHING to do with e-cigarettes which you buy in a small independent vape store. They are two completely different things. And the CDC knows this – and they knew it then. You may want to ask yourself "Why isn't the mainstream media reporting this?" I'll tell you why…

    In 1998 the federal government approved the "tobacco master settlement agreement" – what is it? It's a deal between big tobacco and the states where big tobacco pays millions of dollars every year to each state to promote smoking cessation projects, money for hospitals and healthcare to pay for all the damage cigarettes cause. Each state receives millions of dollars every year from the sale of cigarettes. Things were great for a while… and then e-cigarettes appeared and big tobacco saw its profits fall – they are losing money. Lots of money. So now it's not just big tobacco that's hurting, it's also the state governments.

    Search the web for this article: "e-cigarettes could stub out tobacco bonds sooner than thought"
    It's from 2014 and clearly indicates that in five years time (i.e. now 2019) the states won't be able to pay back their debts. We are talking millions and millions of dollars of debts.

    This is clearly not good for the states or big tobacco. So they are now fighting back. This is all about money and nothing to do with health… or protecting children.

    To make that a bit clearer for you. A group of murderers are getting upset that they're not killing enough people.

    But we must save our children!!

    Indeed, we must. But the problems only started when big tobacco decided to muscle in on the vape scene. They didn't want a piece of it – like a Trojan horse, they rode into town and destroyed it from the inside out.

    A study was carried out about who exactly was selling vapes to kids (I'm tired now, the studies are all out there on the web) You may be surprised to learn that the small independent vape stores never even made the list. It was mostly Juul (owned by big tobacco) being sold in major retail outlets. 35% of Walmarts were selling to children. Now Juul were clearly warned "don't market them to kids" right at the very start. So what did they do? They started marketing them to kids knowing this would be the result. They make money from cigarettes not vapes. I repeat, none of the small independent vape stores even made the list – and they're the ones being put out of business and closing down right now.

    You may want to research how these states spend their millions from the tobacco companies which are supposed to go on healthcare and stopping people from smoking. That info is all out there as well. None of this information is hidden and it never has been.

    So, on that final note. Congratulations to the people behind this video. People are going to watch your video and they'll never vape again. They'll return to cigarettes of course – and they'll die. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, you name it. You've just sent these people to their deaths. And remember, even if you apologised tomorrow or took down the video and started reporting what's really going on… it would still be too late. You've killed them and you can never undo this. Good luck living with that for the rest of your lives.

    Ah!! This is just crap!!

    Okay, am I telling you the truth? (see the answer to the next question)

    "Can you go out and buy a packet of cigarettes now?"

  5. Nancy Archibald says

    Speaking as one who is on continuous supplemental oxygen, and NEVER SMOKED. . I cannot fathom WHY kids would say it's okay to damage my lungs just a "little bit", or even take a chance, play Russian roulette with their life. I grew up in a copper smelter town, the vapors and smoke they spewed out 24/7 had a cumulative effect and now I'm disabled and not able to work. PLEASE use some common sense about vaping. Don't put stuff inside your lungs. Learn all the facts 1st. It will deliver some consequences people. Nothing is EVER free.

  6. Phillip Wales says

    "we don't need more people dying" so instead of using a product to get off cigarettes which we know is killing people and in the thousands we just say tough luck because of a few deaths. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCm97q_lbhA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW4duMgxEIo

  7. Jason Morris says

    Let people do what they want!

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